Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hey kids, Today I played a bunch of music from Haiti and various other French speaking and otherwise awesome music filled nations. I did have some sweet vinyls that I was going to play, but the WVUM studio is pretty lax on fixing their turntable. I will be transferring some of those vinyl tracks to my computer so you guys can check em out. That's all for now!
6:34 PM Antoine Dougbè Et Black Santiago | Dou Dagbe Wé
6:38 Ti Band L’avenir | Mizisyen
6:47 Magnum Band | Libete
6:54 Ralph Thamar | Mi Se La
7:00 Ti Band L’avenir | Ti Band L’avenir / Panamam Tombe
7:03 Ensemble L’avenir | Ensemble L’avenir / Ti Zwazo
7:08 SÈ Kool | Pa Dèkourajè
7:13 Carimi | Ayiti (Bang Bang)
7:18 Sakad | Rebati Kay-La (Rebuild The House)
7:22 Ti Band L’avenir | Haiti Chèrie
7:31 Haiti Twoubadou | Ki Demon Sa-A
7:37 DP Express | E E E E
7:44 Kassav’ | RÈtÈ (Live Version)
7:48 Egschiglen – Elstiin Ganga
7:51 Alan Raghallaigh | The rocks of bawn
7:53 Staff Benda Billi | Sala Keba
7:56 Los Destellos | Valicha
7:59 Ghulam Ali | Aek to Chehra aesa ho

Let me know what you think!

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