Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Just found this awesome live video of the amazing Moroccan traditional music group Nass El Ghiwane performing a song called "Essiniya"
check it out:

Also if you don't already have one, sign up for for one reason only:
their fm worldbeat community. If you're a livejournal member (no money involved here it's free to sign up) you can join the group and check out the hundreds of amazing world music albums they post to that group. I've come across so much good/strange/beautiful music from that group that I've eventually used on my radio show, so I highly recommend it! Right now they've got 16 albums of Native American music, A Buddha Bar compilation, a Swedish band called Diablo Swing Orchestra that puts their genre as "Avant-garde/symphonic/operatic metal" and that's just the first 3!
Check it!:

On that community blog I found that has a bunch of free world music MP3's up. Just go to and type in "free world music mp3" in the search bar and you'll find them. Pretty awesome stuff. A bunch from Putumayo and some other world compilations.

I stumbled across this Indian music site that has all different styles of Indian music categorized by region and style which can give you a pretty good overview of the vast range of music that enormous country has to offer. The mp3 streams are not the highest quality, but what they lack in quality, they at least compensate for in the huge quantity of music available. If you sign up for the site (also free) you can save playlists (called PCDs) and go back and listen to your favorite tracks whenever you want.

That's all I've got for now, time to go play some avant-garde jazz!


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