Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hermeto Pascoal!

Yo! if you haven't ever checked out Hermeto Pascoal's ridiculously amazing Brazilian samba/folk/jazz/avant-garde/rock fusion you should check this video:

"O bruxo" has perfect pitch beyond what I can comprehend, and writes truly beautiful, complex, sometimes scary, always grooving music and plays it on whatever is around him (including water):

This one's pretty heart wrenching(in large part due to the beautifully sad music) for us tree-climbers:

Cave percussion!?!?:

There's a really sick one of him playing percussion on plates and silverware, but I can't seem to find it. If you do let me know!

Monday, April 5, 2010

4/4/10: FINLAND

Many thanks to Trevor for all the music and pronunciation help he provided for this show:
Urho Myllmãki - Mylläri-Juuseen
” - Kolmen ruplan valssi
Arja Kastinen - Tarakkamies
Scandinavian Music Group - Vieläkö Soitan Banjoa?
Scandinavian Music Group - Näin minä vihellän matkallani
Scandinavian Music Group - Mustana, Maidolla, Kylmänä, Kuumana
Föflö spelmanslag - Målarins Polka
Maria Söderberg - Vad Äger Sjöman Ett Hjärta
Finntroll - Trollhammaren--->

Ensiferum - LAI LAI HEI
Järvelän Pelimannit - Purppurin Alotus
    ‘’    - Talapakan Valssi
PMMP Lautturi
Eleanoora Rosenholm Tai-Panin paholainen
John Stark & Aino Karelia - Tuomi on Virran Reunalla(Beside the Stream)
    ‘’            - Finnish Polka (By a Cuckoo Clock)
    ‘’            - Vienan rannalla (At the Viena River)
      ‘’          - Kreivin Sylissa Istunut
      ‘’          - Finnish Waltz
Last 5 from Folkways Tunes and Songs of Finland (FW 856)
Värttinä - Riena / Anathema
Värttinä - Valhe / The Lie
Blatentsaine - Liipolan sottiisi / Liipola Schottise
Värttinä - Sepän Poika
Värttinä - Synti / The Sin
Värttinä - Tauti
Värtina - Aijo
Värttinä - Nahkaruoska
Värttinä - Lumotar / The Enchantress
Eino Tulikari - Voi jos ilta joutuisi
Gjallarhorn - Eldgjald
check 'em out here and part 2.
Let me know what you think.


Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hey guys, I know this is about a week late, but hey better than never:

Bai Trong Lay and Thet
Buddhist Chants and Prayers
Bai Ha -
all 3 from UNESCO collection A Musical Anthology Of the Orient: Vietnam II
Various Artists|Jeux de gongs plats, cing (2)
From Musique Mnong Gar du Vietnam On French Ocora Label(1972 OCR 80)
Respectrul Invitation to the Goddess of the West
Xang Xê
Both from UNESCO: Vietnam II

Tran Van Khe/Hai/Ngoc|Improvisation Dans Le Style Du Chau Van Et Du Hau Van
Khe/Hai/Ngoc|Improvisation Dans Le Mode Quang
Khe/Hai/Ngoc|Improvisation Dans Le Mode Triste-Solo De Dan Tranh
Khe/Hai/Ngoc|Improvisation Dans La Nuance Modale Xuan
Khe/Hai/Ngoc|Improvisation Dans Le Mode Da-Mac
all 5 from “Vietnam: Improvisations, New Traditional Music” from French Ocora Label performers: Tran Van Khe (lute, zither, ceremonial drum); Tran Quang Hai (spoons, sapeke clappers); Tran Thi Thuy Ngoc (wood block). Recorded at Radio France on July 12th, 1973

Mong Trung |“The Wind Blows and Bends the Weeping Willow” - from UNESCO: Vietnam II
Various Artists|Tambour et gongs plats
Various Artists|Jeux de gongs plats, cing (mnong buu nor)
Various Artists|Jeux de gongs plats, cing
Various Artists|Jeux de gongs plats, cing (maa’ bolöö)
Various Artists|Lamentations funebres
From Musique Mnong Gar du Vietnam

Calebass-Zither :Ting Ning
Concert of Gongs
Calebass-Khene: Knboat
Folk Dance of Thai Pople :Dance Xoe
all 4 from Music of Vietnam Ethnic Folkways Library FE 4352

Various Artists|Cithare tubulaire idiocorde
Various Artists|Le Lithophone de Ndut Lieng Krak
Khai Trang, Nhip mot and Nhip Ba
From Vietnam Court Theatre Music: Hat-Boi
Tune for Vong Co
Later elaboration on Vong Co
old Vong Co
New Vong Co
Scene from Modern Cai Luong
from Music from North and South Vietnam The sung poetry of The north, Theatre music of the south Recorded and annotated by Stephen Addiss on Asch Mankind Series AHM 4219
Than Chu (incantation)
Hat Nam
both from Vietnam Court Theatre Music

Dang Dan Cung Dang Dan
Luu Thuy (Flowing Water)
Both from Ceremonial Music in Hue Imperial Palace and Court, The Music of Vietnam Vol. 2 - Imperial Court Music-Hue

You can check out most of these tunes here.
I got the old Ocora label Vietnamese stuff from the awesome blog different waters.
Let me know if you dig!