Friday, December 24, 2010

Bahia/New Orleans rid thums

the caption: "eu,ariel,bacalhal e sequela,,dando uma lascada no campo"
Sweet drum sounds from Salvador da Bahia where I was last summer. Crazy ill rhythms. Dig!
Also, Salvador's version of Bounce music:

And if you haven't heard any New Orleans Bounce music here you are:

While I'm at it, some Bahian Breakdancin!:

wayy too late...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Music of Haiti

Here's an awesome record of traditional Haitian music from the vast vinyl reserves of the UM music library. This one is from 1952  on the Ethnic Folkways label (FE 4432) and was recorded by Harold Courlander. The first side (featured here) features the traditional group Ayida Group of Port-au-Prince.
Cé Moin Ayida (Zépaule Dance)
Ayida Déesse Arc En Ciel (Mahi Dance)
Ayida Pas Nan Betise (Pétro Dance)
Vive Le Roi (Juba Dance)
Mambo Ayida (Congo Dance)
Legba Aguator (Nago Dance)



 Hey kids! This week I played some amazing music from Mali. A good deal of it came from the first anthology of Malian Music put out by the now defunct Bärenreiter-Musicaphon label. I'll see if I can get some of those up here in the next few days. Enjoy!

Les Ambassadeurs du Motel de Bamako | Tiecolomba (Kanté Manfila)
Les Ambassadeurs du Motel de Bamako | Djoula (Salif Keita)
Salif Keita | Yambo
Fanta Demba and Djeli Baba Sissoko|Da Monzon from the first anthology of Malian music: The steppes and Savannas of Mali The Mandingo on Musicaphon (BM 30L 2501)

Zani Diabate  | Super Djata
Orchestre Regional de Sikasso | Mali Sènèkèlaw
Sidiki Diabaté & Batrou Sékou Kouyaté|Sunjata
Sidiki Diabaté & Djelimadi Sissoko|Julu Kara Nayni

Orchestre National 'A' de la Republique du Mali | Janfa
Maïmou Aguissa from Mandiakoye|Hadeyza from  anthology of Malian music: The Sands of Mali: The Songhai (BM 30 L 2503)

Ali Farka Toure | Ali's Here (Album Version)
Ali Farka Toure | Soya

Agou Keïna Yattara|Tanganine(girlfriend) from The Sands of Mali
unknown artist|Taidouma(moorish)

Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni ba | Saro (feat. Vieux Farka Toure)
Tinariwen | Toumast
Fanta Damba|Asumka From Fanta Damba: The Epical Tradition (BM 30 L 2506)
Toumani Diabate's Symmetric Orchestra | Toumani
Fanta Sacko|Tubaka from Musique du Mali: Fanta Sacko (BM 30 L 2551)
Rokia Traoré | Sara
Rokia Traoré | Déli
Mamadou Diabaté | Soutoukou
Oumou Sangaré | Djama Kaissoumou

Play it again!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Hey there World Music Fans, If any of you got to check out today's show it was loads of fun with strictly Tanzanian music. Many thanks to the freedombluesglobalgroovers, and worldservice music blogs for a bunch of the tunes on here:

Sharmila|Nmazi Mkinda (Black Star)
Mbaraka Mwinshehe & Orchestra Super Volcano|Hayati ndugu sembuli
Mbaraka Mwinshehe & Orchestra Super Volcano|Shida pts.1 & 2
Gogo men and Women led by Yobwa Chapi|Tanganyika
Pancras Mkwawa|Ngwidika sadanga wapamagulu
both from KMA 9 Kaleidophone Music of Africa Series Tanzania 1 by Hugh Tracey 1972
Hukwe Zawose|Lukunzi
Hukwe Zawose|Kononza Mduwo-Mbijili
Hukwe Zawose|Nhongolo
Zaramo boys led by Pembe Selemani at Dar-es-Salaam|Hongahonga lele
from Tanzania 1
Kibwana|Amana (Black Star)
Atomic Jazz Band|Njoo Mpenzi Njoo
Kiko Kids Jazz|Kenekubalile
Mlimani Park Orchestra|Usitumie Pesa Kama Fimbo
Lwp Majitu|Usinichanganye Mi
Juma Nature Feat. Professor Jay|Umoja Wa Tanzania
Ngayamiso Kitunga|Two Harusi wedding tunes On the Malimba Likembe
Fadhili William|Malaika
NUTA Jazz Band|Tufunge Ndoa
Ngayamiso Kitunga|“Harusi”
from Sound of Africa Series recorded by Hugh Tracey
Bela Fleck and the Zawose Family|Zawose
Bela fleck and Warema Masiaga Cha Cha|Pakugyenda Balebauo
Bela Fleck and Anania Ngoliga|Dunia Haina Wema/Thumb Fun
Ngayamiso Kitunga|“Sauti za Malimba”
Husuni Isike, Salumu Athman, Ramadhani Khuluwa|Manyanga drum rhythms
from Sound of Africa Series recorded by Hugh Tracey

Hear most of them again here.

Past playlists

Hey there folks. I meant to post these earlier, but what with final projects and exams and things I've been slow to get to it, but here they are:


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tilinca (simple flute) | Batuta
Moldavian Flute | Joc din Deleni
Caval (large Flute) | Hora
Flute| The Lark
Twin Flute | Briu
Piculina | Hora Miresei
From Anthology of Romanian Folk Musik on Electrecord records from Bucharest
Ion Petre Stoican | Hora Lui Sile
Ion Petre Stoican | Mosule Te- As Intreba
Ion Petre Stoican | Hora Lâutâreascâ
from Songs from a bygone age: Vol 1
Cintec si Sirba
Sirba Din Muscel
  from Folk Dances of Roumania on Request Records
Ion Petre Stoican | Briu Din Oltenjta
Soloists and Orchestra of the House of culture of Bucharest |Ciocarlia (The Skylark)
          ”            | Am O JIubita Mititica (I have a Tiny Sweetheart)
          ”            | Doina Dela Oravitia (Doina From Oravita)
from Muzica Romaneasca on Request Records
Fraima | Fishtank ensemble from the album Samurai over Serbia
Cintec si Sirba
Sirba Din Muscel
  from Folk Dances of Roumania on Request Records

Orchestra Populara Radio | Melodii Ardenelesti
              ”                  | Ori Nu Ti Bade Pacat (Aren’t you sorry, Darling?) When I was young you loved me, but now I am Old and you left me
from Request Records “Aceasta Este Romania”
Kadife | Besena Rovena/ Beqare Moj [From Live at the Golden Festival]
Three Dances Played by the “Taraf” of Runc | “Braul”, “Sarba Din Brau”, “Village Folk Dance”
from Ethnic Folkways Library Folk Music of Rumania recorded by Bela Bartok
Ja’afar Hassan | They Taught me [from Choubi Choubi! Folk and Pop Sounds from Iraq [Sublime Frequencies]
Arrigo Barnabé | Crotalus terrificus
Caetano Veloso | Perdeu
          ”        | incompatibilidade de Gênios
Youssou Ndour et le Super Etoile | Ndakarou
Ashanti Brothers Band | Saa na yede beye wo
Burning Spear - Man in the Hills
Wailing Souls - Down on the Rocks
The Heptones - Country Boy


Bana | Cabinda A Cunene
Hermeto Pascoal | Ursula
        ”            | Renan
Professor Wei Chung Loh | Dance Prelude (played on pipa)
        ”    |  Flying Flowers Falling upon Emerald Green Grass (pipa)          both from Lyrichord records “Chinese Classical Music”
Dynamic Africana | Igbehin Lalayo Nta
Wu Man | Xiyang Xiaogu (Flute and Drum at Sunset)
Dayan Ancient Music Association | Wannian Hua (Eternal Flowers)
Chan Hon-kwong | Wild Geese Descend On Level Sand
Wu Man | Dengjue jiaohui (Lanterns and Moon Competing in Brilliance)
National Folk Ensemble of China | Shawl dance
                ”    | Tao-Ching
” | Folk Melody of the Peking Region
The Spirit of Nature | Horse Racing (played on Erhu (bowed fiddle) and Yangqin (Hammered Dulcimer)
” | Flowing Water (Played on Guqin 7-string Zither)
              ” | Great Waves Washing the Sand (pipa and Yangqin)
Stephen C. Cheng | “Picking Tea Leaves and Chasing Butterflies”, “Purple Bamboo”
Wu Chao-han | Thunderstorm
Li I | Great Wave Washes The Sand
Yü Liang-mo | Song at the Frontier
Li Yung-nien | Some Western Tunes
The Spirit of Nature | Birds Amid Tree Shadows
Coupé Coupé | Leogane
Manu Dibango | Oriental Sunset
Safi Abdullah | Africa is Burning

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hermeto Pascoal!

Yo! if you haven't ever checked out Hermeto Pascoal's ridiculously amazing Brazilian samba/folk/jazz/avant-garde/rock fusion you should check this video:

"O bruxo" has perfect pitch beyond what I can comprehend, and writes truly beautiful, complex, sometimes scary, always grooving music and plays it on whatever is around him (including water):

This one's pretty heart wrenching(in large part due to the beautifully sad music) for us tree-climbers:

Cave percussion!?!?:

There's a really sick one of him playing percussion on plates and silverware, but I can't seem to find it. If you do let me know!

Monday, April 5, 2010

4/4/10: FINLAND

Many thanks to Trevor for all the music and pronunciation help he provided for this show:
Urho Myllmãki - Mylläri-Juuseen
” - Kolmen ruplan valssi
Arja Kastinen - Tarakkamies
Scandinavian Music Group - Vieläkö Soitan Banjoa?
Scandinavian Music Group - Näin minä vihellän matkallani
Scandinavian Music Group - Mustana, Maidolla, Kylmänä, Kuumana
Föflö spelmanslag - Målarins Polka
Maria Söderberg - Vad Äger Sjöman Ett Hjärta
Finntroll - Trollhammaren--->

Ensiferum - LAI LAI HEI
Järvelän Pelimannit - Purppurin Alotus
    ‘’    - Talapakan Valssi
PMMP Lautturi
Eleanoora Rosenholm Tai-Panin paholainen
John Stark & Aino Karelia - Tuomi on Virran Reunalla(Beside the Stream)
    ‘’            - Finnish Polka (By a Cuckoo Clock)
    ‘’            - Vienan rannalla (At the Viena River)
      ‘’          - Kreivin Sylissa Istunut
      ‘’          - Finnish Waltz
Last 5 from Folkways Tunes and Songs of Finland (FW 856)
Värttinä - Riena / Anathema
Värttinä - Valhe / The Lie
Blatentsaine - Liipolan sottiisi / Liipola Schottise
Värttinä - Sepän Poika
Värttinä - Synti / The Sin
Värttinä - Tauti
Värtina - Aijo
Värttinä - Nahkaruoska
Värttinä - Lumotar / The Enchantress
Eino Tulikari - Voi jos ilta joutuisi
Gjallarhorn - Eldgjald
check 'em out here and part 2.
Let me know what you think.