Sunday, February 21, 2010


Here's the playlist from today's Sounds Imported show:

 Jae Won Ihm |Frozen Winter
 Red Sun & SamulNori|Kil-Kun-Ak
 Chang Poo Ta Ryong(The Courtesan's Lament)
Shin Tan Ga-Chok Byuk Poo (New Short song--A ballad of chok byuk) Both From folkways Folk and Classical Music of Korea
 Young Jae Kim|Mong Kum Po Ta Ryong
 Young Jae Kim|Nilniriya
 500 Years: Variation for 25 String Kayakum
Cha Jin Nong Poo Ga(Farmer's Song) - From folkways Folk and Classical Music of Korea
Seoul Saeul Kayagum Trio|Doraji Taryong
Seoul Saeul Kayagum Trio|Song for rice planting in Sang Ju:Three variations for Kayagum Trio
Kei Myon, Chung Ahk, Woo Cho (Boundary and surface, right music, In the key of woo) -from Folkways Folk and Classical Music of Korea
National Center for Korean Traditional Performing arts|Su Je Cheon Chapter 1
National Center for Korean Traditional Performing arts|Su Je Cheon Chapter 4
Han Pyung Sook, Jea Kyung Whang, Korean Folk Choir | Ariang
" | Nong-boo-gah
So Ihn Yoon|Gol Pae Ta Ryong
Manpa Jungshi ji Kok "The Calmness of Ten Thousand Waves"
Yun Sok Yoon|Komungo Mitdodri
Byung Ki Hwang | Kayakeum Sanjo
Byung Ki Hwang|Legend 2: Story
Byung Ki Hwang|1: Mystic
Byung Ki Hwang|2: Delightful
Byung Ki Hwang|3: Passionate
Byung Ki Hwang|4: Pathetic
Orchestra of the National Music Institute, Seoul, Kim Ki-su, Director|Korean Court Music (on lyrichord Discs Label)

 You can hear the non-vinyl Korean ones again here.
More vinyl posts coming soon!

I also just found this awesome site that has a World Instrument Gallery explaining the construction and function of all different kinds of musical instruments from around the world. It has them all categorized by instrument type and has everything from a kora, to a koto, to a kyi zi all with pictures and explanation of how each instrument is played. Go scope it out!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Finders Keepers Records

Hey all you world music fans,

 I just found this awesome UK-based record label called Finders Keepers that specializes in rare world music vinyl reissues and that you "should expect the Japanese choreography records, space-age Turkish protest songs, Czechoslovakian vampire soundtracks, Welsh rare-beats, bubblegum folk, drugsploitation operatics, banned British crime thrillers and celebrity Gallic Martini adverts... presented on CD, 7" and traditional black plastic discs in authentic packaging " So if this sounds intriguing check out their mp3 section or if you're really into it and down to pay some international shipping (that is if you don't live in europe) definitely check out their vinyl selection. Down below is just a small sampling of some of their album covers.

That's all for now! Be sure to check out Sounds Imported Today (Feb 
14th 2010 on and on 90.5FM in Miami.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Marching band Music from Chile

La Tirana!
Awesome Chilean festival music from 1977. The album includes dances, marches, and one lament all with lots of traditional Andean music influences put into the context of a big horn band. Highly recommended!

Lado 1:
Alegre Amanecer (salto)
Campos Naturales (Salto)
Tunary (Marcha)
Buenos Dias (Salto)
Peñitas (Marcha)
Arabia (Salto)

Lado 2:
Pampita (salto)
Retirada del Templo (salto)
Despedida del Año (Lamento)
Cacharpaya (Trote)

Wanna hear it?

Check out Sounds Imported! Tomorrow (Sunday the 14th of Feb) at 6-8PM on!