Monday, May 10, 2010

Music of Haiti

Here's an awesome record of traditional Haitian music from the vast vinyl reserves of the UM music library. This one is from 1952  on the Ethnic Folkways label (FE 4432) and was recorded by Harold Courlander. The first side (featured here) features the traditional group Ayida Group of Port-au-Prince.
Cé Moin Ayida (Zépaule Dance)
Ayida Déesse Arc En Ciel (Mahi Dance)
Ayida Pas Nan Betise (Pétro Dance)
Vive Le Roi (Juba Dance)
Mambo Ayida (Congo Dance)
Legba Aguator (Nago Dance)


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  1. Thanks! We are putting on an event at UC Santa Cruz about Public Health in Haiti and we are going to play this!